Thursday, 13 August, 2020

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DM3D Technology certified as a FAA Part 145 Repair Station by the Federal Aviation Administration

DM3D Technology, LLC, a global leader in additive manufacturing using its patented Direct Metal Deposition (DMD®) technology, has received FAA certification as a FAA Part 145 Repair Station - Specialized Services (Certificate # 4M3R925C). This newly certified FAA repair station status will allow DM3D to use its DMD® technology to provide higher quality aerospace parts and components to airlines and MRO customers directly in a much faster and more cost efficient manner than traditional means. DM3D's Vice President of Business Development Roger Parsons believes this will provide a quantum leap in both business and technology development for DM3D and the aerospace industry as a whole. He says, "DM3D will now be able to work directly with companies that could benefit most from our services. This will allow DM3D to offer full service solutions to the aerospace industry and should result in a more rapid integration of our technology and advancement of additive manufacturing into the parts and components that will be flying in the sky tomorrow."


DM3D would like to thank the following people for their hard work and dedication to this project:

Mark Hanly - FAA Inspector, FSDO Office, Willow Run Airport

Dave Zwicker - FAA Inspector, FSDO Office, Willow Run Airport

Mark Lewan - DM3D Technology

Dr. Bhaskar Dutta - DM3D Technology



(Pictured left to right: Mark Lewan - DM3D, Mark Hanly - FAA, Dr. Bhaskar Dutta - DM3D, Dave Zwicker - FAA)