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At our 37,000 sq ft facility in Auburn Hills, MI, a team of talented engineers and technicians uses state-of-the-art patented DMD, best-in-class, high-speed machining systems and outstanding automated EDM to design and manufacture new products. The integration of cutting-edge DMD technology with CNC and EDM capabilities, along with our exceptional metallurgical laboratory, makes us the leading source for industry solutions. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.


DM3D has multiple production-ready DMD® machines on the floor to provide production service, as well as product development for its customers. These state-of-the-art multi-axis machines (3 & 5 Axis machines) can deposit complex metal alloys on parts ranging from a few millimeters to several meters in size. High power CO2, as well as fiber-delivered diode and solid state lasers, allow a high-deposition rate for cost-effective manufacturing. Our moving optics design, especially the robotic DMD Systems (DMD 44R), allows easy processing of parts that are several tons in weight. DMD 44R is a versatile robotic DMD System that provides flexibility to bring the machine to the part, rather than the part to the machine. 


DM3D offers a complete package with CNC/EDM machining capabilities integrated with its state-of-the-art DMD equipment.  We offer a post deposition finishing process through high speed CNC machines and/or high precision EDM machines (Wire EDM, as well as Sinker EDM). These machines are used not only for post deposition/build-up finish machining operation, but also for quick fabrication of special fixtures or tooling required for developing custom applications. A traditional machine shop with surface grinders and manual milling/drilling machines provides additional support. A 6-axis co-ordinate measuring system helps inspect precision-machined parts. A well equipped metallurgical laboratory allows quality control of our products. This one-stop-shop approach to direct-part manufacturing allows our customers to rapidly manufacture quality parts with high precision as well as accelerate new product development.

At DM3D, an extensive knowledge of process and materials is backed by our quick designing and manufacturing capabilities in order to provide time effective solutions to our customers. Our design group can take any design, or work with our customers to create the design solution needed for additive fabrication of customer parts. Process and material development for new products are well assisted by our sophisticated metallurgical laboratory. The lab features state-of-the-art optical and stereo microscopes with metallographic sample preparation capability, hardness and wear-testing equipment, as well as surface characterization to submicron accuracy.  A laboratory scale retort furnace with inert atmosphere capability allows heat treatment optimization of a range of metals, from steels to titanium alloys.