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Higher performing materials are necessary to meet the demand of technological advances. The difficulty has been to combine two or more materials with distinct properties into a single component for enhanced product performance. One such difficulty is the fabrication of components that combine a high conductivity core (heat transfer) with a high durability surface (strength or hardness) for a variety of manufacturing applications. The challenges of developing such multi-material components are:

  • Joining dissimilar metals/alloys
  • Part distortion during fabrication


DMD can add a variety of materials precisely at select locations on the part which allows for fabricating multi-material components with functional properties. This innovative solution eliminates the need for assembling multiple parts with different metals which saves cost and reduces manufacturing time.



  • DM3M dual hopper capability allows controlled deposition of multiple materials

  • Additive DMDCAM software helps toolpathing and recipe selection for different metals
  • Proprietary DM3M recipes help to add dissimilar metals on a single part

  • 5-axis motion system aids precision deposition of different metals at different locations
  • DM3M parts are fully dense and functional (unlike sintered parts)

  • Patented closed loop control helps to minimize dilution of metals and mantains dimensional integrity
  • Part sizes can vary from a few centimeters to a few meters
  • Wide variety of material capability including steels, stainless steels, Stellite, Inconel, Titanium alloys, etc.


  • Automotive applications, such as valve seat cladding

  • High productivity tooling for injection molding & die casting
  • High toughness tooling for forging industry