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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a group of emerging technologies that create objects from the bottom up by adding material one cross section layer at a time. AM is great for design freedom and building complex geometries; however, as a means for fabricating end-use components, it was limited by the following:

  • Material selection such as plastics or polymers
  • Part density

  • Only small parts available


DM3D is a 3D Printing (aka Free Form Fabrication) application which is not new to our organization. Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) has long been the leader in additive metal technology. DMD is a laser-based, additive fabrication technology which can create fully dense larger parts from various metals and alloys.


  • Builds fully dense functional metal parts (not sintered parts)
  • No post-deposition sintering or metal infiltration is needed
  • 5-axis deposition capability allows building features/flanges/ bosses on existing parts
  • Additive DMDCAM software allows precision & quick toolpathing for part build up

  • Patented closed loop control results in better part quality
  • Part sizes can vary from a few centimeters to a few meters
  • Significantly higher build rate than Powder Bed Fusion technologies
  • Wide variety of material capability including steels, stainless steels, Stellite, Inconel, Titanium alloys, etc.


  • High value aerospace components, such as turbine casings and components, structural components, seals, lattice structures, etc.
  • Feature addition on existing components, such as flanges, bosses, etc. on casings
  • Oil & gas industry components

  • High performance tooling components