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As 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing (AM) is emerging as a major manufacturing technology, production throughput and cost appears to be two major challenges between its wide scale acceptance in the industry and current niche technology status. As such, using 3D printing to manufacture original equipment products has not been feasible, particularly if the product includes a large volume. Some of the challenges for the technology are:

  • Lower throughput compared to conventional processes such as casting, forging, etc.
  • High manufacturing cost of 3D printing
  • Cast microstructure is a limitation in many flight critical aerospace parts


TransFormAM is a new approach to Additive Laser Manufacturing - a sophisticated process that builds CAD/CAM-enabled three-dimensional structures and geometry on top of existing metal pre-forms. These "pre-forms" can be made using traditional metal forming methods, such as forging, extrusion or roll forming. They serve as the base structure onto which our proprietary DMD technology is used to transform it into a fully functional metal part.


  • Improved manufacturing throughput
  • Easier fabrication of large parts
  • Wrought microstructure of the preform will provide better quality to the finished part
  • Reduced manufacturing risk
  • Reduced cost of manufacturing for low volume production


  • High value aerospace components, such as turbine casing, components, structural components, landing gears, etc.
  • Oil & gas industry components

  • Other industrial parts