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The DM3D Robotic-based Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) System is a fiber coupled diode laser system integrated with 6 Axis industrial robot for depositing complex metal alloy powders on massive tool/die components for manufacture and repair in industry applications. The Robotic DMD system offers a work envelope of 1.955m x 2.14m x 330 degrees (Model 44R) or 3.2m x 3.665m x 360 degrees (Model 66R). DMD system has successfully been applied to the restorations of precision components such as stub shafts, diaphragms, trim dies and punches, turbine blades, using complex alloys such as Tool Steels, Stellites, Inconel and Titamium.


  • Rapid prototyping  - from Art to Part

  • Tooling restoration
  • Gas turbine component repair

  • Military applications
  • Hardfacing
  • Rotary seal and shaft repairs


  • 6 Axes performance through Industrial Robot
  • Integrated with 1 to 5kW Fiber coupled Diode laser
  • Flying optics beam delivery system
  • Production recipes for a variety of metal alloys
  • Increased operator performance and productivity with DM3D's Windows based Graphical User Interface
  • DMD Closed Loop Control System
  • DMDCAM - 5 Axis deposition path generation software for additive manufacturing (optional)
  • Multiple powder delivery hoppers (optional)
  • Mobile package (optional)


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