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  •   Remanufacturing Turbine components such as: blades, vanes, nozzle segments, seals, shafts, blisks, impellers, etc.
  •   Manufacturing housings, casings, landing gear, etc, adding bosses, flanges, etc on cylindrical forgings.
  •   Special components such as lattice structures.
  •   Hardfacing toolings for manufacturing aerospace components.
  •   Applying wear-resistant coatings.


  •   Laser cladding high performance valve seats.
  •   Hardfacing cylinder liners, piston rings, camshafts, etc.
  •   Hardfacing forging, extrusion, swaging tools, such as connecting rod tools, CV joint punches, etc.
  •   Remanufacturing engine heads, engine blocks etc
  •   High productivity bi-metallic injection mold tooling.

Other Industries

  •   Remanufacturing fuel pumps for the agricultural industry, gas turbine components for power generation.
  •   Hardfacing cutting implements in forestry industry, paper/book industry.
  •   Corrosion coatings in energy industry.
  •   Bi-metallic applications, such as high productivity tooling.


Oil & Gas

  •   Cermet hardfacing for downhole tools, such as stabilizers, drill collars, bearings, etc.
  •   Wear and Corrosion coating on components.
  •   Remanufacturing valves, impellers, etc.
  •   Manufacturing high value components, such as Haste alloy, Inconel components, etc.